Washing systems
  You will find information regarding the different types of washing systems that we would like to bring to your attention here!
System Description

Neptune wheel and vehicle wash equipment is designed with the highest degree of flexibility that allows them to conform to a wide range of site specific requirements. For example, a system installed in-ground at one site can easily be reconfigured and used above ground at a later date. The self-supporting, patent pending design of the system elimin[...]
Temporary System

  All of the MAXIMUS Portable Wheel Wash Systems are designed with the ability to be relocated at the end of a job or a project. The construction of the system was specifically designed to provide the structure of a permanent system, coupled with the ability to easily relocate the system as needed. The patented structure of the Maximus mobi[...]
Permanent System

  The Neptune Maximus Series System can also be installed permanently. In fact, a permanent wheel wash installation is the industry standard. However, IES takes this installation option a step further by offering two types of permanent wheel wash system installs: prefabricated steel (Neptune MAXIMUS Series) and galvanized Steel and concrete ([...]
Water Recycling and Solid Separation Tanks

Water Recycling & Solid Separation Tanks All of the Neptune Automated Tire Wash Systems manufactured by Innovative Equipment Solutions, Inc. are designed with a closed loop water recycling and solid separation system.The prefabricated tanks can be used in-ground or above ground. A three compartment poured in-place concrete tank can also be ins[...]
Additional Solutions

Off-road Truck In addition to our standart wheel wash systems we offer custom designed and built systems for customers requiring extra length and width to handle the extreme loading and soil conditions. Fly ash removal systems are designed for off highway vehicles as well as on highway vehicles. Our high pressure undercarriage spray system (De-mud[...]

Distribution of car wash equipment

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